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DATE:2015/07/30 06:41
The 7th edition of the Conero Roller Battle, which was held on July, 24th -26th, in Porto Recanati, Italy, is over! …

DATE:2015/07/30 06:40
Alexandre Fantuz : “I encourage all the skaters to skate as much as possible and to try free jumping!” Here is the i…

DATE:2015/07/30 06:40
THE 1st CERS EUROPEAN FREESTYLE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 The 1st CERS European Freestyle Skating Championships 201…

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RAMEN #flickr

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DATE:2015/07/29 21:22
「猫のためにエアコンをつけっ放しにしていたら電気代が下がった」はありえる? → ダイキン「ありえます」

DATE:2015/07/29 21:20
Ferrari 488 Spider – Launch video

DATE:2015/07/29 21:18
Top 5 – Tour de France Aero Bikes

DATE:2015/07/29 21:16
Next week finally coming in, the long awaited brandnew ULTRON skates, perfect for slalom and freeskating! #welovetos…

DATE:2015/07/29 21:15
Free Inline Speedskating videos | Sk8skool ONline: personal coaching for inline speedskaters, on the net

DATE:2015/07/29 21:12
RT @Toyokeizai: 【プジョー、上期は4年ぶりに最終黒字転換】 中期目標を前倒しで達成:

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DATE:2015/07/29 09:15
YoKuYoMu is out! Stories via @imo_mugi_beer @canyon_bikes @vsk83