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DATE:2014/11/11 07:42
Back in Paris (Herve Guillou)

DATE:2014/11/11 07:41
slalom skating 40 cones.

DATE:2014/11/11 06:52
RT @USSpeedskating: Want more #ShortTrack #WorldCup action? Check out this highlight video from @ParkCityTV

DATE:2014/11/11 06:47
How To Assemble Inline Speed Skates

DATE:2014/11/11 00:00
“してるん”の2014年11月10日まとめ歩数: 5000歩カロリー: 2093 kcal #4terun

DATE:2014/11/10 21:45
“してるん”で5000歩達成したよ! #4terun

DATE:2014/11/10 21:31
RT @TimeOutTokyoJP: にじみ出る旨味を噛み締める。調布、木場、荻窪、恵比寿、千駄木で味わう新鮮肉。『東京、ホルモン名店 10選』

DATE:2014/11/10 21:18
Slalom Paire Damien Ménard & Terry Millet – Rookie Roller Party 2014

DATE:2014/11/10 10:34

DATE:2014/11/10 10:33
懐かしい! Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

DATE:2014/11/10 09:17
YoKuYoMu is out! Stories via @cycle_feedbot @zubibibiRX7fc3s @usacycling

DATE:2014/11/09 21:00

DATE:2014/11/09 09:17
YoKuYoMu is out! Stories via @BIKEPLUS_TW @Keith_Bontrager @kaiou2

DATE:2014/11/09 09:00
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